Visual Conversation is a self iniated project to further understand fundamental elements of design. The concept remains multi directional as results are often lateral responses. It requires critical discussion regarding colour, form and composition, with aim to analyse the creative process. By observing the experimentation, inspiration to develop independant practices producing opininons and solutions.

Visual Conversation encourages contribution via non discrimitive, media fluid channels.

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   Listening Project (BBC R4) - SHI


The Listening Project is a collaborative project between BBC Radio 4 and the British Library. Since 2012, Radio 4 and local stations have been collecting intimate conversations between friends or relatives. Over 1000 have been collected so far, building a unique insight into our lives today, collectively archived by the British Library. The task entailed creating promotional material for the Listening Project, with an identity which was inspired by the study of one conversation of our choice.

"The conversation I focused on consisted of a young gentleman and an elderly woman talking about their experinces with technology, which we now utilise in everyday life. They discussed her fear about breaking the devices, whilst he attempted to explain ways to resolve many of the problems that occured. A recurring theme was the textbook example of switching your electronics off and on again. This seemingly simple solution seemed incredibly complex for the elderly woman who had not grown up around technology. Using this scenario as a basis for the promotional material, I attempted to convey her confusion in a tongue and cheek way. During this project I was sharing study space with chinese students, experiencing this language barrier first hand led me to realise the parallels between the confusion experienced by the eldery woman and I, 21st century technology requiring a 'foreign' language of its own. In this publication I am exploring how different terminologies were interpreted differently depending on the users understanding of the language and world."

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The Level


A 2 week project visiting Brighton, UK. In which lecturers challeneged students to develop an identity for a central park, The Level. Collecting information on its play area, skate park, pavillion, table tennis, petanque and chess alongside the interactions which the general public enables the space to be influenced by those who occupy it.

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